Principle of Teaching Previous Year Question Paper For CITS Final Online Exam Based On Bharat Skill Nimi Pattern Practice Set 6

CITS/CTI Final CBT Exam P.O.T Previous Year Questions And Answers

Principle of teaching training methodology
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this post you are going to do the previous year questions of Principal
of Teaching for CITS Final Exam which are asked every time from this 15
POT Practice Sets and below is the link of 15 Practice Sets which is
absolutely free of cost

Practice Set 6

1. Which among the following classroom management rule describes expectations from the students?

ANSWER= (A) clearly stated


2. Distance learning uses which of the tool to show live picturization?

ANSWER= (C) video


3. An instructor uses internet:

ANSWER= (A) to share the notes among the students


4. Among the following trait leadership, social interactions from leaders is described by ________ group.

ANSWER= (D) Interpersonal attribute


5. To work on a single platform, with the help of internet, students and teachers should be from:

ANSWER= (C) rural areas and urban areas


6. Computer aided learning is a __________ which makes teaching interesting and joyful.

ANSWER= (C) strategy


7. Overhead Projectors are normally used in classroom which have student strength around:

ANSWER= (D) 35


8. Teachers responsibility is not related to:

ANSWER= (C) participation in debates


9. Which job design approach takes worker to do different task periodically?

ANSWER= (C) Job Rotation


10. Workshop practice involves tools and design steps for:

ANSWER= (D) all of these


11. Good lesson plan will not involve:

ANSWER= (D) Students learning


12. Which projection equipment is not used for teaching/training?

ANSWER= (B) Tape recorder


13. Independent student learning approach is related to:

ANSWER= (B) Skill-based Approach


14. Which among the following is not an economic benefit of Vocational Educational?

ANSWER= (A) Crime reduction


15. In course design, which among the following helps in direct identification of content?

ANSWER= (C) learning objectives


16. For making a good lesson plan, teachers should write learning process at the ______ of the plan.

ANSWER= (C) centre


17. What is the main difference between an instructor and a teacher?

ANSWER= (D) A teacher gives knowledge and an instructor imparts skills


18. In addition to having high-levels of subject expertise and having a good value belief system a competent Instructor should display ________________________.

ANSWER= (C) responsibility for own development


19. The developmental task model was developed by:

ANSWER= (B) Robert Havighurst


20. Introspection as means of learning involves:

ANSWER= (B) Pay attention to owns thoughts

have to go through all the previous year practice sets in the below link
serial wise so that you can score well in all the questions in the exam.

People Also Known Principle Of Teaching as:

  • Training Methodology
  • principles of teaching and learning
  • principles of effective teaching
  • principles of team teaching

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