ITI Fitter Online Mock Test Bharat Skill Nimi Pattern Chapter 1 Safety For ITI And CITS

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1. Which one is the personal safety?

ANSWER= (B) Concentrate on your work


2. Name the mandatory symbol.

ANSWER= (A) Stop


3. What Types of Flammable of liquifiables solids are classified as.

ANSWER= (B) Class B fire


4. Which is the immediate life saving procedure?

ANSWER= (A) First Aid


5. Name the warning sign.

ANSWER= (C) Unguarded


6. What is the class of fire caught by fire wood, paper, cloth?

ANSWER= (A) Class A fire


7. Which fire extinguisher filled with carbon tetra chloride and bromo-chloro-di-fluoro-methane (BCF)?

ANSWER= (B) Halon extinguisher


8. Which comes under mechanical occupational hazards?

ANSWER= (D) Unguarded machinery


9. How to stop bleeding of injured person?

ANSWER= (D) Apply pressure over the wound


10. What is the name of sign?

ANSWER= (D) Pedestrian crossing


11. What are the three factors causes fire?

ANSWER= (A) Fuel, Heat, Oxygen


12. What is the period refer as golden hours?

ANSWER= (A) First 30 minutes after incident


13. What is the first step of avoiding accident in work place?

ANSWER= (C) By observing safety precautions


14. What does the symbol denotes?

ANSWER= (B) Give way


15. Select the colour code of bins for waste paper segregation?

ANSWER= (B) Blue


16. What is the kind of road sign?

ANSWER= (D) Information sign


17. What types of fire extinguisher is used for flammable and running liquid fire?

ANSWER= (A) Foam extinguisher


18. What A indicates in ABC of first aid?

ANSWER= (A) Air way


19. What is the process of breaking down the materials into organic compounds and can be used as manure?

ANSWER= (C) Composting


20. Tell me the colour code for plastic waste bin?

ANSWER= (D) Yellow

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