Dress Making / Sewing Technology Year 1 Module 1 Textile and Handwork Online Mock Test for ITI And CTI Part 02

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1. What is the called of this Stich?

ANSWER= (B) Single fix Stich


2. What is the name of Stich?

ANSWER= (C) Lazy – daisy Stich


3. What is the fundamental job of the cloth?

ANSWER= (B) Protection


4. What is the name of unique connection?

ANSWER= (C) Zipper foot


5. What is the name of needle?

ANSWER= (C) Curved


6. Which is the name of center piece of hand sewing needle?

ANSWER= (D) Stem


7. What is PPE in security?

ANSWER= (C) Personal Protective Equipment


8. Which type of costumes worh by organisation people?

ANSWER= (C) Formal


9. Which shields our body from dust and diverse climatic condition?

ANSWER= (B) Clothes


10. What are the fundamental need of human existence?

ANSWER= (A) Food, Shelter, Clothes

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