CTI Principle of Teaching Question Paper For CITS Final Online Exam Nimi Pattern Bharat Skill

CITS/CTI Final Exam P.O.T Previous Year Question And Answer

Principle of teaching

In this post, you are going to do the questions and answers of the Principal of Teaching Or Training Methodology for
the final exam of CITS, which this mock test is asked again and again
in the final exam of CITS, so practice it well and remember it. Do it so
that your final exam can correct 100% questions.

Practice Set 3

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1. In development psychology, Recency of the event, Frequency of the event, Interest in the event and Association of the event is related to ________ factor of memorizing.

ANSWER= (B) Retention


2. National Policy of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship was launched in _____.

ANSWER= (B) 2015


3. Which of the following is not a need of McClelland s Theory ?

ANSWER= (D) Need for Esteem


4. There are ____ kinds of related information used in learning process.



5. With reference to Related Information, A motor car driver __________ braking and gear system of motor car.



6. The Trainee End in the Distance Learning Program of DGT is known as ______________.

ANSWER= (C) Spoke


7. Students are logging-in to their online learning site at a specific time in the ____________.

ANSWER= (D) Fixed Time Online Distance Learning Program


8. Which one of the following is an audio aid?

ANSWER= (B) Radio


9. Which of the following is a graphic aid?

ANSWER= (C) Both chart and poster


10. Which one of the following is a learning material?

ANSWER= (A) Information sheet


11. Which one of the following factor is to be considered while preparing WIM?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


12. In WIM, what does M stands for-

ANSWER= (B) Material


13. Which of the following material is prepared by student?

ANSWER= (D) Daily diary


14. Which one of the following is called essay type test?

ANSWER= (C) Subjective test


15. What is the purpose of a test?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


16. Which of the following is a reason of accident?

ANSWER= (D) Hurry to work


17. Who developed the taxonomy of educational objectives?

ANSWER= (A) Benjamin Bloom


18. Which of the following is related to housekeeping?

ANSWER= (A) Cleanliness


19. Which one of the following is associated with a good workshop?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


20. Which one of the following is not the quality of a good counsellor?

ANSWER= (A) He should be sympathetic


have to go through all the previous year practice sets in the below
serial wise so that you can score well in all the questions in the exam.

People Also Known Principle Of Teaching as:

  • Training Methodology
  • principles of teaching and learning
  • principles of effective teaching
  • principles of team teaching

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