CITS Principle of Teaching Previous Year Question Paper For Final CBT Exam Based On Bharat Skill/Nimi Pattern Practice Set 8

 CITS/CTI Final CBT Exam P.O.T Previous Year Questions And Answers Training Methodology

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Principal of Teaching which is asked in your CITS exam, in which questions of previous year are always asked, whose practice set of all previous years I am providing to you guys here so that it will help you a lot in CITS Final Exam. Please make a note of all these CITS Principal of Teaching i.e. Training Methodology by serializing all the practice sets and you can order the book of Principal of Teaching from Amazon, the link of the book is given below.

Practice Set 8

1. Students use the adolescent age to:

ANSWER= (A) adapt and adjust childhood behaviours to the adult standards


2. Which of the following is an not example of learned behaviour?

ANSWER= (C) Watering of mouth when smelling good food


3. ___________________ is a principle of learning which increases the students’ awareness of their own progress and motivates them to improve continuously.

ANSWER= (A) Formative assessment


4. Which of these two must be specific and measurable?

ANSWER= (B) Learning Objectives


5. Which of the following tasks you consider while doing syllabus analysis?

ANSWER= (A) Considering how do the topics of the course fit together.


6. Identify the Blooms Level for the stated question; Define Panchayat .

ANSWER= (A) Knowledge


7. Which of the following are the benefits of creating a lesson plan?

ANSWER= (C) Both help plan time spent per activity and know learning styles of students


8. Which of the following Instructional Technology methods asks students to come to class after reading or preparing?

ANSWER= (B) Flipped classroom


9. The Cone of Experience was developed by

ANSWER= (A) Dale


10. In a car repair workshop which of the following will define the flow of work?

ANSWER= (C) Operation Sheet


11. Pre and post-job check sheets can be used to __________.

ANSWER= (A) get started in the day and assess quality of work done


12. A good multiple choice question should have

ANSWER= (A) 3-5 options is a reasonable range and good distractors


13. According to Kirkpatrick there are 4 levels of evaluation. Of these, _________ focuses on knowledge, skills and attitude changes

ANSWER= (B) learning


14. Objective is an important characteristic of a good test. It affects both validity and ____ of test scores.

ANSWER= (D) Reliability


15. Which classroom arrangement is most effective when a class needs group work?

ANSWER= (C) Cluster


16. A counsellor cannot ________________.

ANSWER= (B) Make decisions for the counselee


17. When a learner after completion of his/her studies keeps updating himself through concerted efforts he/she is a____________.

ANSWER= (D) Lifelong learner


18. Which one of these 3 national boards is open?



19. What are the important considerations that banks take into account while lending?

ANSWER= (D) All of these


20. What is the Objective of Standup India mission?

ANSWER= (D) All of these

have to go through all the previous year practice sets in the below link
serial wise so that you can score well in all the questions in the exam.

People Also Known Principle Of Teaching as:

  • Training Methodology
  • Principles of teaching and learning
  • Principles of effective teaching
  • Principles of team teaching

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