Dress Making / Sewing Technology Year 1 Module 1 Textile and Handwork Online Mock Test for ITI And CTI Part 01

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1. What is the purpose of first Aid?

ANSWER= (C) Promote recovery


2. What is the call of device?

ANSWER= (A) Snippers


3. What is the call of equipment?

ANSWER= (C) Sleeve board


4. What is the call of device?

ANSWER= (C) Tailor’s artwork curve


5. What is the class associated of stitching

ANSWER= (B) Length and thickness


6. What are the 2 fundamental lessons factors of the

ANSWER= (A) Round factors and reducing factors


7. What is the call of the device?

ANSWER= (B) Dress markers gauge


8. Which is the examples of twill weave cloth?

ANSWER= (C) Denim


9. What is the instance of non- woren fabric?

ANSWER= (B) Felt


10. Which one is napped fabric?

ANSWER= (B) Velvet


11. Which material is necessity to iciness wear?

ANSWER= (B) Wool


12. Which sorts of weaving instance to muslim or taffela?

ANSWER= (C) Plain weave


13. Which made on yarn may be more potent and
will produce smooth – surfaced to the fabric?

ANSWER= (A) Twists


14. Which is artifical fiber?

ANSWER= (D) Polyester


15. Which varieties of fabric do now no longer have grain?

ANSWER= (C) Non – woven material


16. What is referred to as of Rectangular Interlacing

ANSWER= (A) Weaving


17. Which is the fibres from plants?

ANSWER= (C) Cotton


18. What is marked as ‘X’?

ANSWER= (C) Bias


19. Which is a natural cloth?

ANSWER= (D) Wool


20. Which is the transient stich?

ANSWER= (B) Uneven basting

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